Al Nakheel Mall, Riyadh

Ground Floor, Gate 3 


The design of the Riyadh flagship store draws inspiration from the majestic desert landscape and its intriguing contrast with the modern metropolis of Riyadh. This harmony between nature and urbanity is reflected in the store's aesthetics, characterized by earthy tones and organic textures that evoke the serene ambiance of a beautiful desert oasis.

Red Sea Mall, Jeddah

Ground Floor, Gate 2


In the Jeddah store, the vision materializes through the intricately designed facade and lighting elements, reminiscent of the shards of a fallen star. The interior design effortlessly combines elements drawn from the Saudi desert landscape and the vibrant color palette of ASTERI. Particularly noteworthy is the bold touch of vibrant blue, inspired by the marine life of the Red Sea, which enriches the store's visual appeal.

Mall Of Dhahran, Khobar

Gate 2


Every detail of the store design weaves in the ethereal glow of Arabian pearls, traditionally sourced from the eastern province. This integration creates a captivating experience that transcends both time and tradition, as the shimmering essence of pearls harmoniously merges with the desert-inspired tones throughout the space.

Al Rashed Mall, Abha

Ground Floor, Gate 6


Abha store draws inspiration from the vibrant bloom of Jacarandas against the city mountainous landscape. Lush emerald tones, bright amethyst hues and organic textures create an ambiance reminiscent of a peaceful haven of beauty. A lounge area, inspired by the mesmerizing spectacle of stargazing in the desert, provides a serene retreat for customers to indulge in moments of relaxation and sisterhood.