A Constellation of Timeless Women


Asteri exists to empower us to shine our light in the world. Inspired by where we come from, excited for where we will go together.

Beauty trends come and go, but Arabia is arguably where it all began. The art of makeup has deep roots in the Middle East, and it’s time to share what we’ve learned.

Born in Arabia. Raised to Take on the World.

Even in the face of the world’s most extreme weather, the women of Arabia have high expectations of their makeup. Asteri’s smart formulas rise to the challenge through problem-solving, skin-loving formulas that last throughout the day.

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A-Beauty makeup offers protective skincare properties and high-performance color, designed for extreme weather and a diverse range of skin types and colors.

Makeup for All Your Adventures

There isn’t a lab on earth that can replicate Saudi’s hot and humid climate, so the only way we could test our makeup’s performance for real was for real women to wear it for us. Asteri makeup has journeyed through the desert and had a busy day at the office, been on vacation and out to dinner. Now it’s ready for wherever life takes you.

Our Products

We are vegan, microplastic-free and cruelty-free, with any palm oil coming from a sustainable source. And we’re not done yet – next on our list is becoming B Corp certified.


Clean Beauty

Our formulas are made without any harmful and sensitizing ingredients, including mineral oil, microplastics, parabens, sulphates, known carcinogens, carbon black and many more.


Vegan and Animal-Friendly Formulas 

We are vegan and against animal testing. Our products undergo extensive testing to ensure they are safe and effective in laboratories and on real people in user trials.


Skin-Friendly Formulas

We use ingredients that won’t cause irritation. We’ve worked hard to switch out anything that might aggravate your skin, replacing it with ingredients that feel good without compromising performance. They’re all approved by an independent dermatologist or ophthalmologist.

To see what’s not in any of our products, check out our Black List.

Our ingredient blacklist
Our Products


We want to be part of making the beauty industry a better place. And we’ll keep working towards improvement by sourcing new sustainable materials, collaborating with innovative laboratories and reducing our environmental footprint.

We are giving new life to pre-loved plastic with over 50% of our packaging containing materials from post-consumer recycled materials. We're working hard to make our packaging as responsible as possible. Our lipstick and brow pencil are refillable and all our carton paper is FSC certified. 

Meet the face behind the brand


In a house of three sisters, makeup becomes a way of cultivating connections, as well as expressing your individuality. Having established a successful career overseas as an interior architect, Sara Al Rashed returned to Saudi with the seed of an idea that would bring together all her favorite things: art and makeup, self-care and a sense of sisterhood. Asteri is for our extended family of sisters all around the world.

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